6 Tips For Effective Lead Generation With Semalt's Dedicated SEO Dashboard

Lead generation is a crucial part of the company's work to convert potential leads into paying customers. This applies regardless of whether the company is in the B2B or B2C market.

But why is lead generation important to your business? What should you be aware of before starting the work? And how do you create the best framework to achieve effective lead generation?

We'll discuss this in this article, which we begin with a thorough review of lead and lead generation. Then we give 6 tips for effective lead generation with a powerful SEO tool developed by Semalt. Are you already an expert in leads and lead generation or a beginner? This tool is a must for both of you. Let discover leads and the Dedicated SEO Dashboard.

What is a lead?

A lead is characterized by a potential customer who has shown interest in a company's product or service. This can be by filling out a contact form, signing up for a webinar or downloading an e-book. Also, it is called a lead when the company has collected contact information on a person.

What is lead management?

Lead management is an ongoing process that involves tracking and managing leads. The work starts already in the lead generation, continues to conversion and sales as well as the long-term customer relationships.

A clear and structured process for lead management is particularly relevant for companies that handle a lot of leads. Here interested leads must be automatically validated, qualified and sent from collection directly to the next stage of the customer journey - either to the next communication flow in an email campaign or to a call centre.

Good and automated lead management requires attention and prioritization. At the same time, it is crucial to optimize sales conversion - partly to spend time on qualified leads and partly to do it quickly.

Time is of the essence for turning a potential lead into a customer. It almost says itself. The sooner you contact a lead, the more likely it is that the item will be converted for sale. It is therefore important to optimize the company's lead generation so that you get qualified leads and faster conversion.

How valuable is automatic lead management?

With the help of intelligent software, lead management can automatically ensure a fast and efficient customer journey. This then converts leads faster to paying customers. In addition to optimizing time by dropping the manual processes, you also reduce the risk of losing leads due to a better overview and faster handling of the hot leads. Automation of the company's lead management is therefore relevant to work with and should be a top priority in sales work.

Why work with lead management? 

1. Conversion to paying customer

As many as 73% of new leads are not ready to buy right away. Maybe the lead has just been curious and signed up for your newsletter. Often they also need to research and get to know your product or services. 

Therefore, the lead must be matured on an ongoing basis so that they move on in the buying journey. Here, lead management is important. With e.g. an automatic e-mail flow that guides the lead on, you can convert to a purchase and a paying customer.

2. Leads can come through many different channels

Companies work with lead generation on many different channels, including websites, social media and Google Ads. With good lead management, you as a company can maintain an overview of the flows that the given leads must go through further.

Has a new lead come in via an ad on LinkedIn? Then the lead must receive this e-book. Has the lead come in via the contact form on the website? Then there must be an X. Did the lead come in via an ad on Google? Then there must be Y.

If your process for handling leads via different channels is structured and clear, you can better deliver relevant communication and content to all leads. This sharpens the efficiency of sales and marketing efforts.

3. Overview provides efficient shopping journey

It is crucial to have an overview of where the lead is in the buying journey. This way you can ensure that there is always control over what information a lead should receive as well as when they should receive it and that no leads are overlooked.

A good approach to lead management will ensure that you always maintain an overview of where your leads are in their given buying journey.

Three tips that lift your lead management

I. Drop manual processes and release important time

Leads only really create value for your business when they convert and become paying customers in the store. Until then, they are only potential value. Therefore, you should as far as possible automate the validation and management of your leads. By automating, you can drop the time-consuming manual processes and free up time for other important parts of your business. And at the same time, you can better systematize your leads, which provides better transparency and makes the customer journey more efficient.

II. Who does what in your company?

Lead management is about delegating responsibility in the company. Therefore, there should be clear guidelines for who contacts leads, when they do it, why and how they do it.

If leads are forgotten or not handled, there is a great chance that they will lose patience and instead choose a competitor.

A quick response time is therefore crucial to be at the top of mind with the lead. At the same time, the quick response shows that the lead is being taken seriously.

III. Automate communication

You can save valuable time if you automate the communication to your leads as much as possible. This can be done, among other things, by the options below.
  • Setting up automatic email flows.
  • Download e-books or other sales and marketing material on your website so that the lead gives up their e-mail and receives content.
  • A well-functioning FAQ on your website that answers the questions your leads have and possibly guides them to other pages on your website.

Need help? Let Semalt validate and automate your leads

At Semalt, we have developed an automated promotion platform for your business that can automatically and in a few seconds qualify and validate your leads and subsequently send them directly on in the purchase phase - without manual involvement. This way you avoid spending time and resources on irrelevant leads while streamlining your topic conversion and customer journey. All in all, an optimized sales process that is easy, clear and efficient. This powerful tool is the Dedicated SEO Dashboard.

We can help with:
  • Automatic optimization and validation of your leads - without manual involvement.
  • Predict your leads' buying readiness Using big data.
  • Shorten the lead process and optimize and streamline the customer journey.
  • Continuously and in real time give you statistics about your leads. This will be an important basis for making the right strategic decisions in the future.
  • Ensure that you are always GDPR compliant and that you comply with permissions legislation.
Get full transparency and measurability in the customer journey - and the opportunity to optimize your Speed 2 Call.

Do you want to know more? Try a free demo of the Dedicated SEO Dashboard. today!

Effective lead generation tips with the Dedicated SEO Dashboard

When you're launching the Dedicated SEO Dashboard, you should set a few primary goals, including new leads generation and their turnover into loyal clients. We are here to assist you in fulfilling these goals.

1: Content marketing is king

Create and share valuable content on corporate platforms. Developing and sharing valuable content with your DSD is the way forward to create interest for potential customers. The content can be a report on their website rankings or the results of an SEO audit for the homepage and much more - and it has two purposes. Partly to create interest in your product, solution or service and partly to position your company as an expert in the given area or market.

Your potential customers are "informed consumers", so make sure your content is produced and written at a high level. Remember to see the world through the eyes of your leads and potential leads, so create relevant and value-creating content for them.

Use your DSD for leading a fruitful email marketing campaign. With the Report Center, you will easily set up one-time or recurring report delivery to your prospective clients' emails.

Use one of these PDF reports as your lead magnet:
  • Keywords in TOP report.
  • Best Pages report.
  • Report on the existing competitors.
  • Webpage Analyzer report (sheds light on the errors and provides recommendations).
  • Report that reveals content uniqueness percentage.
  • Report on a page loading speed.

2: Lead generation on social media

Social media is incredibly effective at generating leads with the Dedicated SEO Dashboard. When advertising on social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, you can closely follow which ads work and which do not.

Remember to wrap the good and strong message in some entertainment - and complement it with graphic elements that support the message. You do not have to reinvent the deep dish every time. Reuse the content you have already created from your DSD content marketing activities as described in tip № 1.

3: Good landing pages

Today, a lot of potential purchases start on Google, where people do a given search. And it makes great demands on the company's website. Therefore, your landing pages must be clear and follow the following: 
  • Keep what you promise. If you promote value-creating content on your website, then the content must also be accordingly.
  • Everything should be easy to decode and understand.
  • Prioritize Call-to-actions so that the landing page is easy to convert on. 


All companies should strive for the development of a strong set-up when it comes to generating leads that automatically and continuously generate heat and ready-to-buy leads.

Before your company embarks on lead generation, you must work thoroughly with segmentation criteria. Thus, you gain a much better understanding of your target group and can develop and target your marketing much more effectively. Get help here.

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